Posted by: the queen | July 9, 2009

planning this is a bitch.

I’m trying to spend Hari Raya in Kobe, but I don’t know if I’ll try to travel there on the first day or what. it’s going to be crazy during the hols (Hari Raya coincides with the 4 day holiday whut) so if I want tickets to travel and hotels to stay in I should do it fast, but then again, ti’s Kobe, who the hell travels to Kobe for a holiday?

I sure hope it aint’ earthquake season. I suck at those earthquake drills that Iv’e never done. idon’t think i’d be in a classroom anyway. (and that’s the only place where I see hte brochures. wahahaha)

I was thinking of 2 days tokyo, 2 days kobe, or maybe just 2 days kobe and then straight to fukuoka. (damn it’s handy to have a map of japan on your wall.) where the hell is kobe? oh it’s near osaka. oh great, i could beg chika to take me around. real handy that it’s the 4day holiday but i sure hope she’s not planning to back to yamaguchi or go to where her boyfriend is. i don’t konw if he’s relocated to tokushima yet. anyway she aint getting married so fast, so maybe it’s possible. in kobe, i could probably stay with her as she’d be in osaka. if it’s too far i could get a hotel, no problem. it’s only for 3 nights at the most.

Then off to fukuoka, either by shinkansen or plane…i think i’d rather do plane…depends on costs. maybe the hols will drive it up. shit. could get a JR pass also. oh YEAH that would be DEAD useful as i’d be travelling a lot, especially back and forth from kitakyushu and fukuoka. ah, take note of that. and i’d be travelling from tokyo to kobe.

eh, it’s damn handy to have a japanese planner. i konw when all the hols are!

then in fukuoka, i asked kanako if i could stay with her. i considered it – the food, the praying – but i think kanako would be ok. i think she knows we have to pray only i’ve never prayed in front of her. i’ve only done so in front of pam when seh came over to do shukudai and she promptly fell asleep on her homework. when i was done, I turned on the telly, chamber of secrets dubbed in japanese was showing and i had to wake her up to show it to her and laugh my ass off at harry and ron speaking japanese.

the cooking would be a lot easier than if i were to be in a hotel. i could do a few days, but there are no eatin gplaces in fukuoka for sure. kobe / osaka i think is not so bad. so i’d have to cook. and getting my own place for a week seems impossible. If i stayed with kanako i could use her stove and just bring my own appliances, no biggie. and just borrow a corner of her fridge. desperate times call for desperate measures.  i could send my luggage over first if i don’t want to haul it with me to kobe, i’ll have to ask pam how that happens.

then i finish a week in that region and haul my ass back for one last month in tokyo, finishing up my damn work before i haul my ass back over here.

yeah. sounds pretty okay…if i stil have money i want to trek to hokkaido.might not be a good idea as it would be october but hopefully it will only be autumn and iw ill not die yet of cold. or okinawa. nyeh, can’t make up my mind. oct has no long holidays boo as it’s school term i suppose. oh, i suppose dr lim will make me go to class in waseda with prof. sakurai, if she lets me. boooo. to tell you the truth i ain’t so raring to go to hokkaido by myself in a potentially freezing month. pam nearly froze her toes off in february. and that was just a month before spring, mind you. maybe i’ll just bore myself silly in tokyo. yeah, sounds like a plan. i can see myself totally not doing anything. like right now. give me a TV and i’ll find it hard to drag myself out of hte house. not when there’s so many itneresting and sometimes digusting and sickenign samurai shows and films and shit to watch. oh, my CSI miami. 😦

aieee i’m feeling a bit scared. scared that Japan foundation will leave me to the pits to fend for myself. which is why i am requesting a weekend to arrive so tha ti can force clarinda to pick me up. force, beg, whatever, i sure damn hope she has no client meeting or whatever on that day. oh it is so helpful to have people who live over there. wait, is marisa back yet? can i force her? 😀

oh right she’s in kyushu. forgot. gen is coming in oct so she’s useless. hahahhaa. anyway JET takes care of their people so she won’t be left in the deep end. idont konw where she’s going, also. didn’t ask. forgot to.


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