Posted by: the queen | July 9, 2009

this just in

some idiot was berating that NUS carpark charged 14 bucks for 2 hours.

Look buster,

1) in case you haven’t noticed, we are not a mall. we don’t even have half the lots NUH has. FASS has two sad carparks that can barely house the cars of the faculty. our roads jam all the time, which is why we had to install traffic lights at that junction. WE HAVE NO SPACE JUST TO MAKE PARKING CHEAP FOR YOU. OR ANYONE, FOR THAT MATTER. anyone who drives to school uses season. and in my observation, i don’t quite think the other faculties have lots 10 times bigger than FASS does. we already probably have too many parking lots not commensurate to the amount of road space the place has. have you SEEN the roads??? the buses nearly masok longkang so many times such that they had to widen the roads at biz.

what an asshole. i hate NUS, but i hate people who criticize NUS even more. That right belongs to me! not to mention the crap he says makes no sense. just another wishful driver wishing to own a car without the price tags. go to bloody arizona if you don’t like it so cramped here.


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