Posted by: the queen | July 10, 2009

what to do when you got your new graduate email address

why email yourself of course XD

such a kick! anyway through the global thing i found out that hafizah rafie is also going to be there. um,ok. hahahaha. i kind of sorta knew before hand.

but i still have the most exciting major. *stickstongueout*

ah who am i kidding, i have an exciting major, at the most boring hellhole. no difference.

ok fine so I am annoyed with ehem for ehem ehem (everything must remain censored) which frankly, has nothing to do with me, is THEIR loss and has nothing to do with me whatsoever. have i said that it’s nothing to do with me? ahahaha. but i am annoyed. because….hm. i dunoe. maybe i am a possessive freak. but funnily enough i’m ok with the other one. but this one i get annoyed. because asek kau je. orang lain lah pulak siolz.

eh, i guess i feel that in the end it was me, so I feel like I got final dibs. gahahahahaha. sick! doesn’t help that my mother KEEPS ASKING ABOUT HIM OMG I DON’T KNOW IDON’TCARE OK. i’m this close to telling her i’m gay. out of exasperation and plsstopbotheringmeaboutthisiamnotinterestedevenifhewasthelastmanonearth NOT INTERESTED.


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