Posted by: the queen | July 11, 2009

now every time me and my sis see snape, we laugh our asses off because he reminds us of MJ.

PORE PACKS WORK ON FOREHEADS!!!! yeah, the biore one. omg. i sooo. looove. porepacks now. such a satisfying feeling to pull the thing off and see all the whiteheads sticking out!!! yesterday was particularly fruitful. so much crap stuck to the side of my nose that i managed to pull off!!! and rubbing the side of my nose, it is tres tres smoooooth. unlike times of last.

exfoliating before porepacking really works, and also, wait till it’s properly properly dry! never pull it prematurely!!!

bought a little bowl and 2 spoons for my mask routine. because the first time i was doing it (oh god the mask stank like sewage. i felt like i was putting longkang slime on my face) i used my family eating bowls and spoons and realise, oh shit, if i don’t wash this properly i could poison someone. it was such a chore washing and washing and washing and even then i felt a bit anxious. so i decided to get my own bowls and spoons. a nice tiny one, the cheap ceramic ones that aren’t real ceramic and hopefully do not break if they are dropped, and 2 small metal spoons. 2.30, 1.90×2. why the hell are spoons so expensive? fine so i shop only at dept stores, so sue me. now that i think of it… could have probably gotten a better deal at cold storage. damn! dah lah kene sound dgn satu apek ni dkt metro..

and i mean that in the most negative way possible, but the story is too annoying to repeat.

anyhoo, yeah, i be staying at home tmrs. it’s a welcome reprieve because i haven’t had many chances to stay at home. (duh. if you’re teaching every day.) and also because my application is crap and the epitome of it. i really need to work it. on the bright side, rereading the instructions, i only need a LIST of possible works, not a list of works i have actually read. ok, no probbie. there’s not a lot that i know of anyway. and hopefully that’s advantageous to me because if they see the limited lit, they’ll think “oh, she really needs to go to Japan to do the research so let’s send her.” maybe. maybe.

i’m still praying and asking God to send me if it’s really the best thing for me. I mean, there’s a billion reasons not to go. my kids, my frist hari raya that i get to givemoney. and so on. but putting it off is no use. i have to do it sooner or later.

what’s the average size of a condo? $700/m2, that’s a killing! 600 – 600×700 = 420, 000.


i wannnt. *sulk* i’m a horrible person. but if i ever am able to afford it (oh, i probably won’t be) i would love to have my parents in a service apartment or condo.


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