Posted by: the queen | July 14, 2009

i laughed my ass of over hte omg u fail so hard post.

JR fails, is what i’m thinkin’. I can’ t do this horrible transport network!!! I DON’T GET IT!!!!

the bloody pass cost like a bloody close to 800 for 3 weeks usage. I’d like to travel a lot, and I don’t think i can cover saitama and gunma in a mere day, so that’s repeat journeys – but I ‘ll have to make it within the 3 weeks, which is my main concern.

the repeat journeys i have to make to kitakyushu are also a major concern – i spend way too much, i think. was it 1250 per trip? okay, then that’s about a cool 200. travelling from osaka to tokyo was 5250. that’s 200 for “major” trips, to be completed within 2 weeks. 400. half spent. i’ve no idea whether gunma is at all accessible by some JR network, but I hope it is. and there’s still…what were the otehr prefectures? Aichi? oh my god, i need to learn how to read a bloody map. or hire a permanent guide.

saitama pertrip is just 500 yen or so so that’s fine. make a few trips – 3 days? 3000. maybe round up to 5000. another few rounds…i’m not sure if it’s worth it still. i’ll need to reread my list again and look at the number of stops i ploan to make and whether it’s doable in 21 days. sigh.

maybe people will give me free food:D

but ok, according to hislop, weekly mansions don’t ask for key money normally, nor agent money. maybe a deposit. so hopefully i don’t have to worry abou that. if i use my 250,000 for travelling, as he suggested, i’m way good. and for deposit also. should beable to cover it. in fact, if i can just blow 250,000 on my antire accomodation, i’d be very happy. but ok, maybe that’s not likely, so i’d probably spent 150,000 each month on rent. if i keep my 250,000 for deposit and the bloody pass, that gives me 2500-800= 1700. hopefully deposit is not that much. i still have a bit more left over for maybe a few more train rides outside hte 21 day. because raknly i think i’d be dead after the long train ride of more or less 6 hours from fukuoka back to shibuya. i’d need some time to recover, i reckon…i wouldn’t go out travelling immediately. or i would force myself to. wahahaha. but at least, it does cover the local lines so maybe the tiny stops i may take, maybe from shibuya to shinjuku, it would be worth it.

this is so surreal. my father, i reckon, has no idea that i am planning a very intricate fieldwork plan a few thousand hundred miles away. and i leave in 2 months. i’ve no idea how to break the news to my parents, seriously. until i get it, then they get weaseled. half of me kind of hopes they pass me over on account of sth. hat would be disappointing, but i at least i get to postpone this for a while, gather some steam etc. then i dont have to worry about them blowing up on me because this is really short notice. but i cannot afford to wait forthem to dither about when there’s more then 10 grand onthe balance. i’m sorry, but i need to be practical. i have an MA to write, and i prefer to do it comfortably, instead of like the pauper i could be under monbusho. it woul dbe very hard to travel with monbu. it would be downright unaffordable.

like i told hislop, i’m totally going to use this money up. i don’t think i can even try to have any left over. and i don’t like hsoppin gin japan. as in for clothes. hah, at least that’s one thing i don’t ahve to worry about – my shopaholicism! unless i find cool shoes. 😀 but i doubt i would shop. i only like to shop on my turf. which is why i rarely venture into anyplace else but dept stores. and dept stores in japan are not good for clothes. unless they are clothing department stores. and i don’t go to those. but they were alright for the random spot of window shopping  but i never saw anything i liked.


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