Posted by: the queen | July 14, 2009

in the past ten hours

1. I was suddenly called by dr thang and told that she was nominating me for some half baked mendaki award (mendaki aka I exist if I’m winning award, and I’m invisible if I’m asking for aid. Nadiah at this point will tell me, who cares? suck them dry when you can! Still, it rankles they get the credit, as if they had anything to do with me! they sure gave me money for JC, but that again, made them looked good. the four scholarship awardees – none of us were ethnically Malay, by the way? meaning that probably in our lifetimes, none of us would ever be eligible for any aid from Mendaki whatsoever. we were only good when we were doing well.)

2. I took a photo which turned out really bad – i sat too much in front and my face is HUGE and my tudung is senget. but luckily mr tan asked me to go home and fill the form in instead of on the spot, so ok, I get to use the better photo i took for my passport…I’ll keep this fug for in case. i found that it’s handy to have your passport photo in your wallet.

3. Dr. Thang invited me to some lunch on the 21st. NOW i remember what i have on the 21st – the arabic placement test. but I decided, what the hell. I may not even be in school for the first semester. taking it would be a waste of time. I can take it in sem 2. but anyway, i declined and I don’t eat anything but whatever’s certified halal. so count me out. I’m very strict in singapore. i can be more lenient in Japan because they do not have an official council, but that’s because the situation begs it. I don’t want to to starve. in france i’d be just as strict, only ever so lesser, because they have a sizeable muslim population and probably an official religious council, as in britain. if you’re going to be strict in japan, you may as well be suicidal.

4. Dr. Lim grilled me on my plans and we’ve decided that 1. I’m going to have to get ready an apartment before I go but this I will be discussing with the embassy tmr, but i doubt they’re helpful 2. my study plan has been approved and i will be consulting with shinohara and clarinda with regards to my accommodation, as well as kanako, but i have plans and i think i can stay in a hotel for fukuoka, no problem, it’s cheaper than bigger cities. 3. clarinda lives in shinagawa, which is the direct opposite of shibuya on the yamanotesen, isn’t it? or was that ikebukuro? i hate tokyo. i really do. no familiar names at all. 4. i’m going to need a credit card, fantastic. I’ll ask my diamond solitaire ring friend changed to zinc later, but there’s always my uncle for backup. but I prefer my DSR friend. wau, this is a real DSR friend – you’d rather ask for favours from her rather than your own flesh and blood! (besides, I lost his wife’s tupperware bowl the last time i set foot in japan.)

so i have a billion things to do and a billion favours to ask and a billion emails to send.

but who cares? I’ m in the middle of a great john grisham book! 😀

nah i kid i kid. after tuition i’ll get crackalackin’. dr lim seems to think the cahnces of my getting it superhigh because apparently i am the only one around applying. if they have a oneperson quote from singapore, i’m probably it. unless they look at me and hate me or think i’m retarded, which i wouldn’t put it past them. i sometimes think the same. just look at my rubbish dump of a room and my decision to do a MA in a hellhole. even if it was for my mom. see mom, it backfired. i still needed to do fieldwork in japan anyway! she should really have thought this more carefully. i’d have been rooted in singapore better if i’d applied for the secretary job at the embassy. not my fault. my job is to write a decent thesis and not flunk out of school, as my contract so stipulates. i chose a subject in which there isn’t much lit becaus ei can’t read japanese, so the one book in japanese helps, and i need to do everything else by my own sweat and blood.

oh, and i found out that imay not be teaching at all. good and bad. they probably won’t assign me anything in the first semester then, if this works out.  that’s ok, tho’ i was looking forward to the teaching…but never mind. there’s three other sems that i may need to do it. if i’m lucky i may not need to at all. 😀 altho’ i’m not hopeful because dr thang says they’re understaffed.


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