Posted by: the queen | July 14, 2009

to do

1. email shinohara and arrange next lesson, apologize for AWOl

2. email clarinda, tell her that i may be coming,  may need her to pick me up show me around during the first weekend. luckily she does live in tokyo, and leaves in shinagawa which is near the yamanotesen

3. find an apartment, get it signed, and pay as soon as it’s confirmed. but in the meantime, find it.

4. check with the embassy what exactly they are going to do / not do for me, when will i find out, push for asap because i need to make the arrangements (e.g. apply for loa, find an apartment, travel arrangements)

5. find out about travel in japan so that i can figure out the travelling and booking of hotels if need be and ot arrange my accomodation when i travel

6. i think by now i’m screwing classes, so any classes i take at waseda will depend solely on the kindness of professors to let me crash

7. arrange what to do during hte time i’m at nus – look for more classes to crash, ask mr tan about the possibility of taking an empty semester

8. fill the bloody mendaki form in. what a bloody hassle that i don’t really need. i should plan a good press release and a good old jab at mendaki – “why is it that I’m not existent when I would like to ask for aid but am eligible for awards? after all, it’s not fair that you look like you had anything to do with my education and academic success.”

9. start to make arrangements with nadiah about my absence, for fadlin at the veyr elast. if nadiah can only spare 1 afternoon, fadlin will have to be my priority. but anyway, i’ll be back if she needs me when she’s in sec. school. If she does. if can, i don’t really want to teach anymore…but i’ll never say no to someone who needs a hand. if i did this for the money, i would have quit 3 years ago.

10. start to make arrangements for luggage. I want to borrow a superpowered luggage bag from someone – i’m too cheap to buy one myself, but i can ask kakak las whom i think has a good one i can borrow for 8 weeks. or kakak tini – for sure she does, as she travels to aussie. i hope she’s not planning to in sept-oct.

11. look up weather – i don’t htink it will be winter yet, it will be autumn and tokyo is not really that cold as it’s urban but it would be colder than fukuoka, and frankly i think it probably wouldn’ tbea good idea to dress like summer. well, i wear double anyway most of hte time. probably wouldn’t be too much fo a problem.


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