Posted by: the queen | July 15, 2009

in the last ten hours part 2

1) i got granted the scholarship thingie on the spot, as i am the only one applying wahahahaha

2) I got a date with shinohara ( i still can’t call her chika, but i call her that to her face only because she insisted) and some friend of hers called erik tmr. wahahahah!

eh, so jampacked. it’s another long week running. sigh. well at leas tnobody is getting engaged on sunday. shit! ash!!!! i promised the weekend to return the shoes….damn. i still owe her like a lunch or sth as she’s been so nice to lend me her shoes. damn it. i’m over-scheduling myself.

oh, er…*hides from zinc friend* OKAY I BOUGHT SOMETHING ELSE TODAY. BUT IT WAS ONLY 39.90.  awork shirt. same dimensions as the tommy hilfiger. and 1/3 the price. i feel like kicking myself. from zara. sighisghisghsighsigh. but oh well. nak buat macamaner. dah beli pon. but eh so is this the trick? long shirts can only be found in boutiques? nobody told me that!


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