Posted by: the queen | July 16, 2009

oh i had a last min lunch with chika and her friend. i felt kind of intimidated by him!! wahahahaha he’s no hislop, and i felt a bit dumb and bimbotic around him. but oh well. not my friend. her friend.

she’s giving me her yukata!!! omg full set i cannot believe itt. she said “i’m going ot japan so i can buy.” i think she wants to reduce her luggage, to cut shpping. it’s sunflower bright yellow, i don’ tkonw what the obi is cos she dind’ tbring, she has her own himo and she’s giving me the geta toooooo!!!

*SOBS* and she keeps payign for me. she said, every time you’re with me, i pay…then when you get a good job, you treat me. then i said, like sugar daddy, and she laughed.

i wouldn’t yet put her on the bff list, but we’re starting to get superclose. i’m not yet at the stage wher ei can make fart jokes and shit. hahahahaha. that one still rests with mar and nad.


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