Posted by: the queen | July 18, 2009

ok, shumin replied. i’m not getting any money until i haul my ass to japan itself. ok, this is not going ot be pretty.

next – clarinda.

eh, every time i amek wudhuk!! sakit perotttt!!! dah braper kali ni



now, only the money is an issue. sigh. i’ll consult with the mother tmr. if it’s gonna make things harder, i may have to crawl to the zinc friend…i can do the flight tickets and the train ticket to japan foundation, me thinks. (scraping the bottom barrel of my sad account). but if my mom thinks that i should use my uncle’s credit card or sth, then i’ll use it. but i’m trying to make it as hassle-free as possible for my parents, seeing htat it’s already so hard to elt me go.

on the bright side, i’ve got someone picking me up. ic an’t tell you how relieved the email from clarinda made me. …why is she up at 3 am?

sigh. i feel happy and at peace with the world. except that i need to borrow 4 k from somebody. either my parents, or my zinc friend. which I really feel awful for. that’s it, my shopping days are over. i am not shopping unless it’s sales at Zara. i should maybe get a member card. anyway, ihave more htan enoguh clothes. i have:


-the blue pink flower, 2black, 2 whites, 1 black and white, 2 browns, 1 grey-white-blue =9

-2 blacks (altho’ satu string die dah fray), 2 overshirts, 2 work shirts= 6

15 wearable to the outdoors clothes. haven count the long sleeve tshirts and soon.


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