Posted by: the queen | July 20, 2009

yikes, that’s the first time the fudousanya failed to reply to me within 24hours.

Chika finds thta the lack of a japanese site is disturbing, and she says she doesn’t like the idea of me having to walk 13 mins from the station because it’s shinjuku, so she is trying to help me find another one. me, i’ve combed all the english speaking sites and I cannot find any other affordable place no more.

so i just need to iron out things and start booking. before booking i need to consult my mother and i’msupposed to get my profs to callmy dad. but i guess i’m lucky that it wasn’t a big outright no from the begining. he had a million misgivings, but i sat down and thought to myself, look, you ca’nt expect people ot be reasonable. heck, even i’m not reasonable. and it just means that he can’t bear to see his litte girl injured or suffering in any way. i mean, this was the guy who wouldn’t let me learn to ride a 2-wheeler in case i fell. that oughta give you a pretty good idea of how protective he is. and he will be protective until i’m 50 or he’s gone. nah, even if i’m a hundred, if i was still alive he’d be protective too.

So I’ve decided to be smart. just because i’m right or i think he’s wrong or he has a wrong mindset or whatever, doesn’t mean i should jeopardise my chances. my mother’s right – be smart! smart people win, not right people.


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