Posted by: the queen | July 21, 2009

everyone knows I”ve been praying hard to let the path ahead be easy. I mean with the many objections my father has, I was there seriously contemplating needing to give my MA up.

Then God answered my prayers – Yamamura told me they were changing the deadline and the dates! Part of the objection was that it’s Hari Raya (not a big part. My mother’s objection, and my mother said he was not going to happy that my flight would be malam). But with the date change, I can leave after Hari Raya, Alhamdulillah!

And do you know what that solves?

1. tutees. I will be gone only a week or 2 before exams, which is not really a big deal.

2. preparation. more time to prepare and sit in.

3. that i can spend hari raya here, but I dunoe if I still get stipend. but my mom would be happy!

At the expense of:

1. not being able to observe hari raya and fasting over there, but that’s not a big part of my paper. I’m more concerned with daily life

2. dealing with winter. but i did want to see autumn very badly, and this becomes a plus point. i’ll borrow a winter coat from someone. i tell you i very cheapo one. i got kakak tini to borrow from, and i’m not borrowing her luggage because i’m not bringing any clunky stuff over, so yeah!

more time to find an apartment, but i think i dah exhaust all my options.


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