Posted by: the queen | July 21, 2009


got some debate over whether it’s fair to make hte rich fund the health care programme in the US.

Someone said this: it’s ashame to make punish people for their success – or something. And another said : people will stop having incentive to be successful.

Firstly, the second point – no there isn’t. Big taxes isn’t going to make me think “aw shit, gonna lost it anyway, let’s just starve or work as a cleaner as something.” if anything we’ll try to make even more to recover what we lose. success is beyond taxing.

Secondly, when people say things like this, the first one, when it becomes painfully obvious again why US is failing and failing hard. They have no concept of rezeki, no concept of God, and the fact that success is not the fruit of their labour and their entitlement entirely. Which makes me really thankful forhte idea of zakat. Zakat makes it mandatory that the rich gives to the poor. You may be rich, but remember – those riches are not yours, and they are temporary. If you have the rezeki, you MUST share it with the poor, and only then will God bless your riches. You don’t have a “right” to selfishly keep your winnings to yourself, because they are not yours per se. Yes you may enjoy them, but you must give a certain proportion to the poor and that’s that.

Look, the richest people on earth – the oil sheiks and saudi princes – give zakat, and they can still afford to buy bling and buy Manchester Utd. or some other football club. Giving does not make you poorer – it makes you richer in every aspect you can think of.

But of course, in this bullshit existence and especially in that bullshit country across the pacific and atlantic ocean, they’ve forgotten it, save for very few. Man, I’m so anti-American, FBI will arrest me one day, on the grounds that I am a cyber threat to national security.You can take your national security and shove it up your arse.


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