Posted by: the queen | July 22, 2009

hey interesting name, elleen.

anyway I have not been up to very much. been apartment hunting. writing a billion emails to fudousanyas, embassy, people, lalala. trying to put tgt my research/mods. my arm hurts, so I”ll check it for a cervical herniated disc (same as what i got last time, only last time was lumbar= lower back, cervical is around the neck-shoulder area. lumbar affects legs, cervical, arms.)

This is also what I suspect some malays call “salah urat”.

but ya it helps that I have experience of slipped disc, know what to expect and look out for. only, because this isn’t a pain in my legs, I don’t think I am qualified to AnE. the instructions were to AnE if I experience the same pain at the same part, because MRIs certify that my disc protrudes dangerously, by a lot, in the lumbar region, and if I experience any pain it means that there is serious trouble that may affect my entire lower half, including kidneys and other internal organs.

But yeah, I can wow the UHWC doctors about my slipped disc knowledge, if I can go to UHWC given that I have no matric card. sohuldn’t have surrendered so fast…maybe i should use kailing’s.. 😀

but anyway things like diabetes and all is ruled out. I have no lumps in my boobs or stomach, no diabetes, i shrunk 3 cm (arses), and weigh 44.6 kg. my bp and pulse is normal.

and the thing you should know about slipped discs is that while the pain mayb be excruciating, there isn’t a cure and you can only wait it out. That, or surgery (if pain is unbearable, threatens vital organs or life.)

anyway this isn’t yet excruciating. i know what excruciating is.

ok, i think my tea is sufficiently cool. making and chilling tea for mask. It is 1133 and i’m already on my mask regime. three cheers!

bought shoes for 42 bucks. this time, yes, they are wearable to school with a 1inch heel, like my old ones. i may wear shoes depending on the condition of my legs. sometimes i get aches, so i refrain.

I’m goin gto do some pilates because I have decided to embrace healthy living.



  1. Master students don’t have matriculation card??? Or maybe use your student EZ-link card?

    I’m still trying my damn hardest to live a healthy life. And failing. But at least I sleep before 12mn 1am now. And it’s because my eyes force me too. T_T

  2. Ok. Html doesn’t work for WordPress comments. The “12mn” is supposed to be striked out.

  3. nyeh. no, i just haven’t gotten it yet. matriculation is on the 29th

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