Posted by: the queen | July 24, 2009

hunting for an apartment

an experience I now have had.

It consists of a billion emails, checking out a billion sites, begging your friends to help you (which they did, very swimmingly) and in the end, making the scary decision.

I end up staying in ikebukuro. it’s hilarious how in tokyo, every single ward is described as the “centre of business, entertainment and nightlife of tokyo”. anyway, shinjuku proved to be unattainable/expensive, and when I told Phyllis (lady working at the fudousanya) that I didn’t care where I lived – just as long as it was a building with an elevator, washing machine (I decide that this time i want to wash my clothes in privacy. going down to the coin laundry at 2 am is fine, but it’s not so convenient. plus, it means I don’t have to lug clothes around.) and internet included.

All my options in Shinjuku were out (I also asked for if possible less than 5700/day) so she suggested me a place in ikebukuro, which was cheap (4900) near the JR station, and had my stuff that I asked for upstairs. The area is not bad – reminds me of my old place. Residential area. At the main streets, there are plenty of shops.

Looks a lot better than any place in Shinjuku (it’s either really, reallysucky or there’s a lot of tall buildings, with not much for shopping for food andhome items) so I just took it. The other one she suggested was nearhte tokyo dome. not only is that the end of hte train line, it means that there would be about a billion people eveyr other day or so going to watch baseball/concerts at the dome. heck, lyzie is watching arashi in december (altho’ i’d be gone). So i don’t think it’d be fun at all to stay there. it was also expensive.

So Alhamdulillah, after all the agonizing and asking pam to go down to the office, I managed to wrangle myself a decent place for a decent price. Keeping to my original budget of 300,000 yen with cleaning included.

Now I’m looking for a place in fukuoka for 1 week, and we repeat it all over again. but this time I think i’ll make hte arrangement in person and pay in cash. i can go towards the middle, or whenever I’m in the area…I think it should be ok, they have quite a number of locations. rent is cheaper (than a hotel) so yeah. i COULD stay with kanako…but yappari I’m not very comfortable. I shall see.



  1. Take me with you omg.

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