Posted by: the queen | July 26, 2009

PMS sets in

I’m feeling horribly depressed, an irritable. as my father ticked me off for leaving my fan off once again (pardon me, i was starving and had stuff myself with popcorn) and it’s been like i dunoe, the 46th time, I feel like hurling something. i won’t say where. or what.

the kind where you just wish the world didn’t exist and you didn’t exist because you just don’t feel like it. breathing, or living, or whatever. but I’m cleaning my closet. and i must say murphy’s wipes are excellent. altho’ i won’t be able t sleep if i don’t clear my clothes of fmy bed now.

i’m always surprised by how crappy i feel when i have pms.i’m normally a very optimistic, full of sunshine live and let live person, so when angry and sadistic and vengeful thoughts start to form, I”mquite surprised. and no one is spared. myself included.


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