Posted by: the queen | July 29, 2009

people who know me, know i’ve a very come hither attitude about friends.

1. I never make the first move. I don’t want to put anybody in a position to feel bad or obliged to hang out with me.

I can barely remember if I’ve ever asked anybody out, save my girlfriend because we have an understanding. My bestest mates understand this about me, and because they really love me, they’re persistent. 😀

2. I’m not really one of those make new friends keep the old. once in a while I feel sad or nostalgic or whatever, but I always feel that eventually i’ll lose all my friends, andI’m fine with it.

But some people confuse me. I don’t know what the hell they want from me, man. They’re nice. Great friends, even. But either they’re really stupid or forgetful, or my schedule just isn’t worth remembering. never mind i told you specifically when it is that i would be free. I am not like you with time to kill, time to worry about stupid boyfriends who go and do wahtever with other girls. Every single day minus one I need to teach these incredibly uninspiring kids who make me feel, I should just quit my job, except that I would kill myself immediately after I did any such thing. I have to juggle this idiotic MA. this fieldwork thing. I teach malay lessons on teh side. i don’t have enough sleep anymore. i never nap, because my afternoons are gone. I don’t wake up late, because I’ve things to do every single morning. I said, Iw ould be free in the morning. I teach every single day. is that so hard to remember?

Why don’t you just say you just really wanted to go out with someone else? but you were afraid she couldn’t make it so you decided to try me, and then “i’m trying to go out with her too” and then you suddenly go oh, can you make it after? just because the friend is suddenly available and you need to fit me in somewhere. well I could not care less. Seriously. you’re one of those people whose friendship philosophy is completely different from mine. you think it’s important to be friends with everybody. I don’t. the thing is, you are completely clueless than in your attempt to be nice? you butcher it all up. and now that I think of it? I feel sorry for you. that despite your best intentions, you still screw up.

the first time? ok, maybe it’s my fault. this time, it’s overboard. not when i don’ tthink you have a memory of a retard. don’t. just. be. friends. for the sake of it. because i don’t give a shit whether I lose you as afriend or not. seriously. i never do. it’s just not how I operate.

And if I give a shit, I know exactly who I give a shit about. And it ain’t you. Just because you want a shoulder to weep on and you’ve found a better one – I wish you luck then. she’ll be a hell lot more entertaining than you are. One last time for me to repay you for the debts I owe you. That’s right. You, I will never stick around for.

not when there are loads of other people I know that I would give my limbs for.


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