Posted by: the queen | July 29, 2009

and on that note

for the people who have been my friends, really, really been my friends – my best mate who would do stuff for me few other people would dream of or be willing to do for a friend, pamela who offered – and for YOU, not exactly livingin the lap of luxury and eating like a sewer rat, to offer that favour to me, you are beyond precious. to do me a favour inthe smack middle of exams even when we haven’t been really in touch. To listen to me every time I need to cuss, very badly.

friends who still talk to me all the time and never give up messaging me although i never message them first – Torrence aka Kailing (new glam name!)and Sinn Yuin (seriously, without fail. Some people give up, but she doesn’t!). My girlfriend, who still is really lovable no matter how long I’ve kept out of touch with her, and would still hang out with me according to my whims and fancy.

Other people have screwed me around, dumped me for men, etc. I’m nto saying we’ve never had our downs ourselves, and I’m not saying that I’ve been always 150% happy with you all, all the time. Liek normal people, I get annoyed, I get irritated, I get my moods. But you are the precious few that I would try to hide my irritation and moods from, and some of you have seen me at my absolute sailor-swearing mouth worst (thanks pogs)- and beleive me, not a lot of people will get that.



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