Posted by: the queen | July 31, 2009

now that major major things (reapplication and accommodation) have been passed through (all i’m doing is waiting now. waiting and praying htat the bank transfer goes through, that the foundation won’t think I’m a retard and reject me. it’s really, really out of my hands now) I can take a backseat and breathe a bit. I skipped tuition yesterday (woke up with a tummy ache, not to mention late, and by the time i was done shitting – I could have still made it if I rushed, but I decided to give myself a break) and downloaded Winemaker, played it, finished it. Feels awesome. I’ve always been someone who doesn’t believe in rushing to get everything done. I take my time, dance around, relax. Watching MioTV which is really really bad if you’re a couch potato. Soon you’ll start watching even the crappy freebies.

Why did my sister just walk into the study room and walk back out? weirdo.

Spent the morning with my mother at the hospital, and had a small brunch where I got cheated out of a big drink – this is just crazy. she asked me upsize? i said no. Then she asked the drink is small or medium. I said, the normal one lah. it turned out she charged me for upsize, gave me a huge fries, small drink. What the hell??!?!? If you were giving me upsize, you shoudn’t even have to ask me about hte drink, you cheat!

And some crazy lady at NUH called me…twice….and was extremely rude about it. I’m going to have to pop in a word abou thtat someday. You know, I’m not even asking for outstanding service. I just demand common courtesy. Which in my dictionary means not speaking ot me like I’m a retard. She was hte one makinghte mistake! Not me! is it my fault someone gave her OUR house number? No apology, no whatever. But I know what kind of crap shit NUH is. Just like it’s sister university. I don’t expect much. More like in the negative.

I’m meeting my girlfriend tomorrow i am so excited. I miss her so much. When I think about how sometimes, I face dread and I wish I could cancel dates with some other people, I then realise who it is I truly like, and who it is I find a chore to be with.

Yes, YOU. I never really want to hang out with you ever again. I shouldn’t have made the mistake of adding YOU to my MSN list. I should block…But I still owe you something. So let’s get that over and done with.

School starts and I Have a billion things I need to do…as I always do. But why do it now when I can do it later? Procrastinate now! Don’t put it off!


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