Posted by: the queen | August 2, 2009

my first email in official capacity

i sent an email using my g account instead of u, because ihad to ask to sit in a module as a grad student and they would be suspicious if i was still using my u.

it meant that i finally had to change my password (the one that looks like a censored word) . Seriously, anybody who can guess my password, I take my hat off tothem. I have had to change passwords so many times due to NUS policy, so I have had my run through the most ridiculous passwords I can think off. This one takes the cake.

next,  need to email dr a. i’ve already emailed morita and dr lim on pam’s orders.

Anyway that git called me when she reached home, which I find quite sweet, altho’ i’m not sure how she even knows my number given that she has no phone. Probably because she knows I wouldn’t overreact to the fact that we missed her at the airport. Phyllis was going to explode! the poor girl. I tried my best to calm her down pogs. It’s not your fault you left. I’d have done the exact same thing.

I finallysort-of broke up with my girlfriend, by telling her I don’t want to go out with a straight girl anymore (she’s dating someone, altho’ the situation is a bit weird). So yeah, I really am now officially single, no girlfriend, straight or not…she is now just a friend.

Need a nice lesbian. Whre can I find one?



  1. sad news about your girlfriend. why don’t you hang out in forums and lesbianbars? i’m sure there’s one lucky one out there who will get to meet you 😉

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