Posted by: the queen | August 3, 2009

when will people realise that the more they make an issue out of their nationality, the more messed up they become?

Anyway, my first day of school is spent chillaxing at home. I axed my plans because my mother started to get all “you are too tired” bajink going on, which I felt was extremely annoying, as if you just don’t want me to go, or don’t want to let me go, just say it. don’t try to hide it behind this caring for my strength bollocks. But in my anger and violent thoughts afterwards, I was justly punished by swiping my specs off my table and they chipped. I’m not going in public with chipped specs (still usable, luckily.) so I will only do my stuff when my specs are replaced. Luckily also just one pane. We could say it was a nice reminder.

Feels good to finally cancel on someone. I think PMS kind of stretched out to now.

according to nadiah I am supposed to hand in my financial forms today? But you know what, NUS finance office? screw you. I don’t give a flying rat’s piss.


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