Posted by: the queen | August 3, 2009

since i had to do my specs anyway, i thought nehmind la, go school submit financial form…i want my stipend…

then i went to “report’ to the office, talked to sheila and bee ling and mr tan. sheila showed me the room and now i have access but because there’s a lot of people using the room i think i also wn’t use. i wait till next sem where i get a part time room.

bee ling say next sem i will most probably start teaching. yey

then talk to hislo pfor a while, talk to pam.. update him on what i and he are supposed to do…

went to vivo, buy bra (sports of course) because now 2 bras have fallen apart and i am very desperate…so my gaji byebye, because I had to buy new lens…

then went home..didn’t go belajar because mak malas so aku pun malas..

cousin nak kawin…that is a merepek story

ridhwan nak buat MA, possibly at NUS, next sem. merepek lah. leave me alone! i know he not doing it because i’m there, but i already suffered enough in my undergrad years running away from my friends. and now he’s doing it to me again. as if i don’t benci him enough already. maybe i’ll have to become bff with the vietnamese MA student. just go get a job and get married lah! now i feel so miserable. i feel like quitting MA.

nak berak tapi malas


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