Posted by: the queen | August 4, 2009

so what’s it like to be a grad student

um, pretty much crap, because on my second day as a grad student on NUS payroll, I spend it with a pair of specs that make me giddy because my current ones are in the lab being outfitted with a new lens because it dropped from my table and I chipped it, and, I also somehow contract some form of conjunctivitis. Luckily, the green mucus stopped so it’s the kind where I just have to keep on pumping eye drops to wash it away. Thank god for my sister’s supply of daily drops in those really handy packets. No more eyemo for me!

Actually, first day was pretty cool. I started out not wanting to go, right? But I figured I might as well go if I had to do my specs, so off I went. Handed in my finance forms. Got a call from my insurance agent and we’re meeting next week to deal with my travel insurance. Met up with Nadiah, who was with Shamimah another PS grad student. And we talked shit for some time, and then Chong strolls up and runs into us. We find out that he’s got keys to his own pigeon hole, lucky arse, and he’s teaching a stats module this sem. Still a lucky arse, no matter what he says. Then Yi juan, my old friend from SEA (we’ve actually forgotten each other’s names) comes along as since he’s from PS, they all know each other, and he stops to chat (he’s a TA and RA). Then Fazli comes along and we all end up lunching.

In an awkward moment of discussing politics (sorry, I was just really curious about shit that I read in tabloids) I blurted out “I have to go pee!” which is one of my amusing moments, but I daresay i’m one of the few people who can pull off talking about things like peeing and pooping without batting an eyelid. I said it in Malay. Yi Juan is fluent, tho’ Shamimah isn’t and I’m not sure she got what I said. But anyway. Chong made a great inference that I had fallen flat on my face when he saw my chipped lens. We all have embarrassing moments, andthe good thing is, everyone already knows I’m not completely sane.

Then off we go to our respective depts to “report” which in my case means to go up to Bee ling and say HI! I get shown the already fully occupied grad room and is granted access but I am not stepping in there. I finally see Pam too (she was kinda dancing and posing for my benefit when I got there) and I must say, I did quite miss her in the flesh. I was actually thinking that it’s kinda weird that she’s coming back. I don’t know why. But now that she’s back, I guess it’s nice to have  one more person be nice to you. I don’t get it a lot. In fact, i get screwed a lot.

Then to vivo for a brief shopping trip for bras. got one at 50 (adidas). not bad. But it’s a bit embarassing to ask for one size smaller (when you were already trying an S).

Burger King dinner. dropped my specs off, and …why did I sleep so late last night? oh, chatting with evon. And then finally this morning. woke up. folded clothes. discovered and surfed it in between a BK lunch courtesy of my sister, and falling asleep…which was when I got up to discover that I had green shit in my eye. I’m luckily relatively used to it. and it doesn’t itch or feel gritty, another good sign. I deduce that the cyst that grew under my eyelid merely burst is all.

So i keep it lubricated. ah, been surfing too much

But yeah. I still ahve pretty much a lot of shit to do as a so-called grad student. I haven’t done any of them, and I”m not really planning to. I am on aholiday courtesy of my bungled glasses (and now, conjunctivitis) so since I don’t have ot leave the house, I’m making full use of it. I’m lucky that my house is a pretty much nice place to be, where you have someone to watch TV with and laugh with. (today’s the mentalist epi totally rocked my socks off. I’m beginning to really like simon baker! more than stupid horatio or ryan.)

and uh, yeah. I still have more laundry to fold. I wish my dad would stop bringing it in. FORGOD’S SAKE IT HASN’T DRIED YET!


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