Posted by: the queen | August 5, 2009


having curry maggi is probably not one of my best ideas yet, but well, I’m the kind of person who eats what she wants, eye chalazoid (are those it) or not.

up at 8.45. Even I’m surprised. It should be some indication of my sleeping habits that my parents ask if i’m going out if I wake up at anytime before 11.

i have yet to protect my blog from another person asking me for it. why do people wanna read the shit I write anyway? Right now I have it limited to Kailing, Maryam, AC (because I trust that she’d never rat out on me) and Pogs. you 4 are sworn to secrecy as to the whereabouts of my blog, by the way.

I’m still quite rampantly antigovt and antiestablishment.

And a lesbian to boot.

oh yeah, getting back to the topic…Yeah. I”m up. And today looks like more laundry folding…followed by drawer cleaning, chalazoids or not.


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