Posted by: the queen | August 6, 2009

took a roach for me to mop my floor, what will it take for me to change my bedspread?

why, some gigantic insect landing on my bed, of course.

I have some kind of OCD about creatures coming into my room and such. Firstly, i need to kill them unless they’re just beetles, then i catch and release them. secondly, if i kill them or if they land on my bed, or floor I need to clean the entire thing before I go to sleep.

Which is why I’m still up.

but anyway! Yeah, i guess it was a good occasion as my chalazion thing has just about blown over and I suppose it’s good to change the sheets. But I really, really need to get started on buying my lining paper for my shelves. Otherwise I really am not going to be able to clean up my dump of a room. Because before they’re lined, I won’t put anything in teh shelves, you see. 😀

So I need to buy the lining paper tmr, along with essentials (yay, guardian sticker) but I won’t be able to restock my conditioner and organic stuff yet. BUt i need pantiliners, acne plasters and porepacks, tons of it. I love porepacks. it’s like, the highlight of my day. I”m probably using it too often, but i dno’t see any adverse reaction to it yet. not using it has an adverse reaction, actually.

I have breakouts all over my forehead. i think it’s probably the stress from having no money, and not doing anything at all in the past 3 days. But hey, I swore to have a real holiday and so I did. Three peaceful days of sitting ath ome, folding laundry, sleeping, playing lame games, sleeping some more…i slept A LOT. seriously. I’m probably narcoleptic.

ok, i gotta finish up the rest of my skincare routine and bring my babies back to bed. they’re currently refuging outside.


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