Posted by: the queen | August 9, 2009

you know i’m considering turning back to eljay, because HTE LOADING TIME FOR THIS TO LOAD IS FOREVAH

but i won’t. i am (hopefully) nice and anonymouse here.

I am so fatiguee tel que i have no strength to do my mask routine, even tho’ …even tho’ i am not really THAT late. i used to start my routine at like, 1 plus and i would still do mask. now my routine starts so early but i still feel like iwanna collapse into bed.

still do.

dunoe why.

yeay i get an off day fo’ reals tmr. gonna puasa one last day and then finito!!! no need to think about it anymore!

but got loads of work to do.

but i plan to watch death note (on mio). maybe i’ll do it concurrently. oh there’s laundry to fold also. ugh, why won’t laundry disappear? this is why i hate being in afamily. oh, the amount of clothes! I was quite happy folding my own clothes. my clothes are nice and pretty and enjoyable to fold. my sister and mom wears this enormous dresses aronud at home and OH MY GOD HOW I HATE TO FOLD THEM. and because i am developing a really very bad case of OCD, last time in a fit of anger i would just fold ayhow, but now if i do that, i’ll be racked with guilt and i start to refold them until they are perfect.


ate at hei sushi and had my fix of sashimi, which imho is a very good way to start the week.

but oh, i’m so set back. i really need to put a lid on it, i need to use my salary for my plane ticket!!!!


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