Posted by: the queen | August 9, 2009

whatta waste

turns out i must hate CR more than i thought, because I was totally supporting Man u in today’s community shield game.

or it’s more like i want michael owen to do well. really2 did.

Anyway, I’m not sure who the hell decides teh penalty takers, but what the hell? if fergie was the one who did that, that was bloody stupid, to keep rooney and owen saved to the last bits (if he was even doing that. because giggs and evra? no fricking way.) shoulda put people with a more stable record of scoring!!! against lampard and ballack, got no chance lah!

what a waste lah rooney’s last minute goal. he’s on side tho’, i definitely would think so. i’ve seen more on sides that are worthy of being called offside than this one.

owen not injured yet is an achievement. i hope he stays fit. i really want him to do well. he’s only what, 29, 30. my loyalty to owen is difficult to override, especially as he got me as a fan when i was 12, and I’ve not strayed from liverpool ever since, despite his move to real. (and gerrard~~) i suspect I’ll be supporting man u when it’s not to liverpool’s detriment. cos i dont like ballack and lampard for some reason. alwyas hated chelsea, second to man u. arsenal is ok, i’ve always been able to respect them. it’s like beyond rational explanation. i have deep respect for henry, and i suppose as it’s his old club. pity he moved, but I think arsenal’s not good enough for him.

chelsea is an annoying itch who have never won the premier league for ages but pretend / dream that they are, when they should just get lost because they are so random.

oyea. what was i saying. i forgot. haiyah. anyway, season will be starting, which is quite excelent. i plan to follow it religiously (or so I say) this season, before world cup. oh, so many shows to watch. last season i did follow it quite religiously using the livecommentary thingie.

i’m not too happy that alonso is gone because i really don’t like that the club is going through so many changes. alonso has done his fair share for the club and I think he’s an excellent asset. it’s too bad that he wants to go, but i suppose yeah, we can’t stop him. i think the strategy has to be totally rethunked, because no one could fill his shoes, so we need to circumvent it. i can’ remember who we bought last minute…so many last minute transfers to follow that i can’t remember.

sigh. i really wish that owen will do well. i don’t want him to sleaze out…but i really wish we would win the bloody damn premier league. i guess i wish the second more, but if owen doesn’t do well i’d be really thumped too. if i had to choose….i’d choose for owen doing well (realy, i would) at hte expense of liverpool’s trophy, because that’s how much it pains me to see him in such a crutch. because i know liverpool could probably win it some time in the future, but people age, and I really don’t wanna see owen crash and burn. especially not now, when he’s playing for man u. don’t mistake me for a man u fan, but that’s just how it is, i think, fo ra lot of fans in my generation who grew up watching owen’s best years in liverpool before he became injury magnet.


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