Posted by: the queen | August 10, 2009

i get really offended

would you believe that there are still atheists stupid/ignorant enough to call christianity/islam barbaric?

no seriously – if you’ve done ANY religious reading, at all, you’d know that they all came from teh same root, and basically formed moral codes followed in constitutions around the world.

america is basically showing itself to be the poster child of intolerance, 8 years after sept 11. you’d have thought they’d grow up, but you know, for a country that doesn’t ahve civil rights, at least people in singapore respect each other, seriously regardless of race, language and religion.

I’d like to See america, but i’d never wnat to live there. i would really rather it burnt in hell. the craziest most deranged people are there, and the good ones got smart and upped.

Japanese people can be ignorant. But americans? are ignorant AND offensive. rude, as well. what a shame to their felow countrymen who are anywhere halfway decent.

which is why i bristle when foreigners ‘take pity’ on us. LOOK AT YOUR BLOODY SELVES FIRST, YOU BIGOTS. we may be oppressed or whatever, but we know how to damn well respect our countrymen. the only people in place to critic are ourselves, and you know, WE KNOW. we’re not that stupid.

so the fella has a right to say what he thinks. SO DO I.

and i think it’s just distasteful that someone at such a public place would call christianity/islam barbaric. this is not a perez hilton case where he asked someone for her honest opinion and she merely delivered. this is is a comments thread. on a what seems to be well-read blog. making comments with no background study is just disgraceful, distasteful, all the other dis-uls that you can think of. I mean seriously, man, you gotta public audience out there – give quality opinions that don’t piss people off. in the perez hilton case,the lady’s answer was pretty damn respectful – she even said that she thought it was great that america had such a mix of laws, BUT she just liked it that she came from a country that still outlawed samesex marriage.

do you notice a pattern?

it’s the atheists and the homos – maybe the so-called liberals, if you really need to put a label on them – who are the most disrespectful of other people. they only turn an ear when someone parrots their line, but the minute an alternative view is dished, they call us dumb fucks.

case in point.

(that said, not all atheists and homos. is hould think there are plenty out there with brains, unlike hte likes of perez hilton and gang. i mean, i should know, i’m pretty much gay.)


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