Posted by: the queen | August 14, 2009

what does it mean

this happen a really long time ago (I am really screwing my grammar. you know, the older you get and the more languages you take up, you really can’t be bothered anymore). And I was just reflecting on it.

What does it mean, if you say (some of you may find this account familiar. or not) to a guy, JOKINGLY, when he says he wants to cut his hair and is wondering what style to go, you say why not shave it all off? Botak, in other words. And then…HE REALLY DOES IT. became practically a skinhead. And this same guy, when you ask him who he likes (he says there is) and you ask if you know her, he says yes, and he says dekaaaat nah (very near) but you guess everybody and it’s not anybody close to you but he keeps saying it’s someone so close to you that you can’t imagine who it is…

…WAS IT ME?!?!?!?

NOT that I never suspected, but I didn’t want to be a prick/prat. My god, he fancied me? no shit! Well..i don’t find him fit, so it’s a good thing things never got awkward or anything between us. We are still on a hello bye basis. Which is cool. we used to be really good friends tho’. kinda. sorta. who cares.


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