Posted by: the queen | August 16, 2009

i’ve never really had a problem with vista. but i DID have problems with office ’07…even before, solved by reinstalling. always it happens when windows is updating and i have a word document open at that time.

yesterday it happens again, and I’m unable to open my files directly – just like last time.

So I undergo a slew of register edits (i’m quite brave to do this, but i’m desperate. convenience dictates that i need to be able to open my files directly, so I edit some registers and then I get it done fine. But then a new problem – my folders refuse to open in the same window and i hate having a slew of windows, so I do a billion edits – ok not really just edited shell – and still it refuses. no matter what.

And guess what fixed the problem?

by putting hte option to “always open in a new window.”

yes that’s right folks. For lovely Vista, if I want to open it in the SAME window, I have to set the option to the COMPLETE OPPOSITE.

MY GOD YOU’RE STUPID. Technology is so bloody fantastic.


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