Posted by: the queen | August 17, 2009

i would like to remember today

As the day I fell in love

with the most beautiful person I have ever seen

and whose eyes were the gentlest shade of dark blue

whose voice was…oh screw it, I’m no poet.


I DID fall in love though. His name is _____ and he’s German. He doesn’t know who the hell I am, although he did tap me on the shoulder and ask me where LT10 was.

I swear, I know I’ve always said I don’t believe in love at first sight?

Now I know what love at first sight is.

(Ok, I’m probably exaggerating. I don’t really love the fella. He could be an ax-wielding murderer for all I know. But bear with me for a bit.)

I’m right there, telling Dr. H. s’laters, and I’m about to toodle off when this really gentle tap on my shoulder ..tapped and I turned around, and I swear, my brains died. Momentarily. It felt like 20 seconds during which I gawked like an idiot over this absolutely bloodygorgeous human being in front of me. Altho’ admittedly he was kind of looking down.

He’s ever so slightly taller than me, wasn’t he pogs – something like jack2 now I have met the fella – and he had a really nice shaped face. with nice features. gorgeous eyes..i don’t know why I fell for those eyes. I’ve no idea what colour they are even then, but all I can remember running through my mind was that damn his eyes are gorgeous. And then he speaks in this accent that I thought was british (and later found out wasn’t) and asked me ever so politely where the lecture _______ was. And so I point him in the right direction while he ever so cutely goes …whtever it was he said. it’s kind ofa bit long to record it down accurately.

And then he leaves and I sort of daze over to pogs and go wtbloodyhell.

Why does he have to ask ME JUST BECAUSE THE LECTURE WAS …ABOUT…MALAYS. Um, ok. That was the weird part. hahahaah. but he’s really, really fit. I haven’t stopped thinking about him ever since. Sigh.

Of course, 2 mins later someone whom I really rather not messaged me asking meabout something. not that one, the other one. so yeah.

But i still floated around on dreamworld (until I ran into ashleigh, had a bite and as a surprise, was dragged to meet jack2, whom…why does she have to…ok, we went through that already.), then I saw jack2’s ferrari which made me spaz because i never thoguht i’d see a ferrari with my own eyes.

i mean, who in singapore owns a ferrari?!?!?

jack2 that’s who.

and then i went back to dreamworld, and haven’t floated down from cloud#9 since.

Now THAT is the kind of guy fit enough that I would consider abandoning my lesbian coven for.



  1. You want Ang Mohs? Come work in my area. You get a lot of Ang Mohs.

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