Posted by: the queen | August 18, 2009

you know – I’ve always been suprised that my girlfriends are still so huggy wuuggy and cosyposy to me, despite my outward lesbianic nature. I once asked weihan how come? she said, so you’re a lezzo, who cares? I still love you. that’s really sweet.

makes you feel like you don’t deserve to get all this loving from all these people.

which is why i have no qualms cutting off links with people, i suppose.

really tired but…I feel, once again, that if i turn my laptop off, I’ll be the most loneliest soul int eh world.

oh, read something about children abandoning parents. If i ever do that? any of you, please just shoot me in the head. altho’ that would be quite useless. kick my ass and humiliate me into doing oterhwise. it’s one of hte reasons, among many, that I’m not too chuffed about being single. I’m not very good at multitasking so between a husband and parents, I would have to say parents. I probably am not physically able to be pregnant. I’m asexual. I like the ladies.

still i feel bad that my parents couldn’t get grandchildren. i’d like to give htem grandchildren, if only i could.

i guess when you’re single, the possibility of not being able to bear kids feels likeit won’t make a difference. if you actually find somebody tho’, i think it’d be a different story altogether. *shrug* oh well then whatever happened happened for hthe best. for one thing, i don’t see it as a loss, and anybody who insists otehrwise should screw themselves for being ingrateful to the conditions of life.


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