Posted by: the queen | August 21, 2009

i nearly considered getting twitter

but then i realised that I don’t use firefox.

as neanderthal as it seems, fyi, firefox has security issues. explorer has other issues, like not working, but I tend to get very fidgety when it comes to security.

altho’ i don’t know if it’s been resolved.

the latest explorer still sucks. I now know that if I need to open my hotmail. firefox is the way to go.

but yeah. i did nothing but read perez hilton all afternoon (not really dispelling that much wind, too.) Still feeling bloated. I foresee lots of having to retake wudhu’ tonight.

I have a goal: To swear less.

Hard when you consider certain words to be bereft of their original meaning. But hey, I try. At least I should try cut out the Eff, right?

Of course I airsaid it just now when a certain someone made a certain comment but well, on the bright side, the certain someone did not hear it.



  1. You don’t need Firefox to use Twitter right?

  2. i don’t? i thought you said I did.

    • Nope. I just said if you have Firefox, you can download an add-on so that it makes it easier to post tweets. Yeah.

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