Posted by: the queen | August 21, 2009

taking stomach discomfort to new levels

i think i figured it out.

if i drink a cold drink (straight out of machine or iced) on an empty stomach, when i eat later, I get horrible stomach discomfort involving me needing to expel lots of gas or needing to go toilet.


I really need to shape up my eating habits. the fasting month should be able to heal my stomach some. lesser junk food that I am forced to eat due to my schedule. more regular eating times also. it doesn’t help that i eat lunch late, no breakfast, and then dinner at 10pm.

which usually consists of maggi.

but yeah, i feel horribly bloated to the point of nausea so i’m taking a day off and if the kids need me i’ll swingby tmr or sun.

better warn them that my schedule will go haywire from now on. Cos I have a lot of things to arrange for’s approaching the one-more-month mark. in about 4 days.

i will need to do my flight, my second round of applications, shots, fieldwork (biggest headache of all), irb, leave of absence etc etc etc.

haiii. now i will try to push myself ot at least clean up this dump so that I can work like a normal human being instead of a human being living in a rubbish dump. but first, to use minyak angin on my bloated stomach.

oh, on that note. I am so thankful that I have small boobs. we were discussing boobs (because phyllis is obsessed with them) and it turns out that the bigger chested ones have always had some kind of problem with them. Me on the other hand, not living in the west, have never suffered any kind of torture with regards to the size, shape, or whatsoever. The only thing is, getting a sports bra this small is difficult (yes, even with my recent boob expansion. apparently if my  boobs hadn’t expanded i probably have found it impossible to get any.), but that is nothing compared to any difficulty i may suffer with big boobs, in the past, now, and in the future. particularly in teh future. all the big chested ladies on the forums were like  be happy you’ve got small boobs because it means you have lesser problems when you get old. boobs are actually a strain on the back (once again, something i don’t need) and of course, gravity pulls them down. when you bear children, they expand (but I doubt i’m bearing any), therefore making the effects of gravity worse. big chested people also don’t have the novelty of being able to go braless, meaning that their boobs become weaker because they are supported 24/7 and the muscle tissue degenerates, as they are not used to needing to hold up the boob by themselves, which is something us flat chested people are able to enjoy – stronger, if smaller, boobs that maintain themselves even with age.

I have always loved the fact that I am flat chested, but hearing hte horror stories of my friends have made me extra thankful. i did once wish my rightboob was as big as my left, tho’. then at least i may have something of an hour glass shape, rather than a ruler shape, but anyway, oh well. flat chested people putcher hands up and holla! life is fair.


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