Posted by: the queen | August 22, 2009

no important games today

so I’m just going to gamecast man u and wigan, the arsenal one, maybe the mancity one, just to see what’s happening and who’s going to leose their bets.

no impt games tmr either, so I should make full use and concentrate on work.

spent the day cleaning one lousy shelf. then was so exhausted that I napped (i was simming at the same time) until 6plusk after which I got weaseled into helping cook (never enter the kitchen at crunch time) and I took some time to read the papers.

reading hte papers have become something of a hobby for me.

so i have one shelf fully lined, tmr i’ll finsih up the drawer tha has one more side and a bit to cover. then after that I won’t have enough to cover the next shelf. I’ve already used 2 rolls. haiyoooo. i dind’t think i’d need that much, but i’m covering every inch because i hate how white plywood discolours super easily. my lining job is a little shoddy but it’s dark so who cares. no one is going to peer in with a magnifying glass. this is as pro as diy interior decoration can go.

thiam huat thinks they’d be happier if i did full review, so OKAY! FULL REVIEW IT IS. SCREW EXPEDITED.


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