Posted by: the queen | August 24, 2009



down 2-0. an own goal by leiva (ohh he’s gonna come under a lot of flak for this) and an injury time (even tho’ it is beyond the allocated 1 minute) goal by curtis davies. they were probably off concentration. oh great.

if you ask me, take out torres. not that it’s not doing him no good, but he’s injured!!! i mean, even if it’s the face, they use their head to play too.

i mean, unless his arm was in a cast or something, y’know?

i say TAKE CARE OF HIM! not that he’s been deserving, but still. personally i think rafa is telling him to score and then he’ll take him out.

once again, we’ll be lucky to draw this. I kind of had a feeling today was going to be a bad day.


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