Posted by: the queen | August 27, 2009

haven’t felt like myself in ages

i think the hormones are finally petering down. I feel a bit more normal now. bloating, yeah, a bit, but at least not so fatigued that i feel that I can’t move a single muscle. i’ve never had such serious hormonal imbalances in my life before. they say it begins here, when you’re 20plus, so ok, fine. I guess I’ll have to try and aim for a more healthy lifestyle, lots of heating pads and, argh, I don’t know. I think I lead a nominally healthy life, minus the fast food that I eat out of need.

I”m now on a strict purgatory diet. well, not very strict. no caffeine and minimal sugar, hot water to drink regularly (calms the stomach down). When I break fast, it’s first going to be hot water, dates, vitagen to kill off any yeast whatnot in my intestines. (i’ve thawed the vitagen outside for 15 mins to reduce coldness.) prunes to clean out. minimal anything else other than rice and whatever my mother cooked, but in very small amounts (as I’ve no appetite anyways.) chew a billion times to give my stomach a break.

if i get aches again, i will drink hot milo to calm down. (i totally forgot about the existence of milo as a caffeine-free alternative.)

yesterday i had a banana but i think that was a bit overdoing it. I felt quite horrible down there. either the prunes, or the banana.

then its berrygen, which has probiotics (again for the intestine) and something for the immune system and oxidisting what not (mainly for hte probiotics. I’m a huge fan of those because I’m afraid of those yeast type thingies that they say build colonies in your intestines and interfere with digestion, and feed on basically anything you eat.) in themorning before sahur, lactofiber for colon cleansing.

this is not just fasting month – i’m so sick that apparently I need to purge, big time. i’m not surprised. I eat a lot of fast food. i really need to cut down. in japan at least it’ll be easy to be healthy, i guess. no fast food (but I think I’ll have a lot of msg overdose hahahah) and lots of veggies and soups. and i tend to eat regularly over there. I’m a lot more disciplined with my meals for some reason over there. Like when it’s 5 i’ll start putting out dinner, and so on. i eat breakfast religiously (i never eat here) and lunch is also an impt affair. and I always have loads and loads of veggies. that’s what we eat all the time. and fruits. kiwi is cheap.

oh and I sleep better, too, but lately i’ve been sleeping all the time so it’s hard for me to figure out if i’ve been sleeping better here.


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