Posted by: the queen | August 28, 2009

i feel so bad

hey, for all the revamp, wordpress, your loading page still very slow you know anot?

____ from ____apartments emailed me sending me new offers. But wah heng eh so bloody expensive! 10500 PER DAY, i kid you not. I will stay if i want luxury to the max.

it’s a good contact to have tho’, in the future. I must email him/her back. they actually will personally email you, cos it’s addressed to you with a personal message (he asked me how my apartment hunting was going on) so….voila japanese customer service.

speaking of luxury, I woke up late today (830. that’s becoming like a typical time for me to get up unfortunately because my mom only starts worrying about me at 830. she doesn’t konw the lesson is actually at 10. if it were up to me i’d really just skip. but I feel bad and I don’t think my dear advisor will take kindly to my skipping class, even if i’m not getting credit. but i’mplanning to skip his class next week. hahaha) so as usual, cab tiemz. and hte only cab coming up and it was past 930 was a HUGE BLACK MERCEDES CAB. this is not the normal mercedes. seriously. this, is the limo mercedes. should have taken a picture.

Starts at $5, and goes up 30cents. my total bill was $23.60 (luckily stepped in after 930) but he shaved off hte 60 cents for me (I must have some hell of a cheap face. people always give me discount!! yay) and so I can say, I’ve taken the limo taxi to school! people were actually staring when I got off. nah, actually when the taxi stopped they were staring, but by the time i got off they had all already gone and I had to run to the lt anyway.

my god. the limo taxi. excellent piece of work. I”m starting to get really into cars now. nura can i borrow your beginner car book?

ever since seeing jack2’s ferrari…i’ve been appreciating cars. anyway, the limo taxi. even when he brakes suddenly, my movement forwards was very minimal. braking was very smooth. i know it’s partly to do with the sheer weight of the car itself. my only gripe is the so called privacy window. I’m not really into privacy when i wana go to sch, i wanna look at the trees and make sure we’re going to right way. i guess it’s good if i’m getting married tho’. woot!

oh, i discovered the SLE-free way of going to sch – ave 3!! duh!! now i don’t have to suffer the jam at hte sle-bke …junction? converge? exit? connector? good, next time i’m late i don’t have to worry about it.

YES, i’m still within budget. which was why i took the cab. if i wasn’t…well i’d still have taken the cab, actually. hahahaha. ilove cabs. cos i like to drive, so i like to try and memorise the roads.


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