Posted by: the queen | August 31, 2009

i have an unceremonious position

dunoe what it is about me, but i seem to invite a lot of confidence. my mom is always telling me shit. and other people. i’m not saying it’s a bad thing. it’s very flattering. but it’s surprising. given that i’m the kind of person who someone normally considers a lousy friend (doesn’t bother to take the intiative in relationships). let’s just say i didn’t think I’d know and keep so many secrets. I still do, all the way since sec school. i have heard secrets and feelings that will probably kill relationships, and for that fact i guard them even after a decade.

my own secrets i can’t keep. in fact i don’t think i keeep secrets well at all, but i’ve tried my best, and i’ll continue trying. (i mean, i think the whole world knows aboutthat thing now. but eh, aritu aku bebual ngan chong, i dind’t mention it. ithink chong would be shockedtho’. but i won’t stoop so low. i will guard his dignity.)


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