Posted by: the queen | September 1, 2009

i suck at pc fps

ya. I needed to shoot something to release tension, but unfortunately fps pc games, I forget, don’t do the trick. firstly the bambambam sound effects aren’t there. secondly, the aim shoot fire with your bare hands isn’t there and my mind is splitting trying to coordinate rotating and moving. so yah, I’ve died about 3 times in about 1 minute of gameplay. plus, i’m a very cautious person.

i will get my shooting fix. I will go to the arcade once and blow 30 bucks, before I leave. Nadiah, my arcade partner, shall be needed. there’s no one else as obsessed with shooting things down like me as she.

so that means i need to budget. meanwhile, I”d play some more, but I’m actually really knackered and you can’t believe how mindblowing and fatigued you get trying to coordinate your left and right. i’ll do it another time. it’s a nice FPS. some german thing. ah, i do so love shooting and mindless violence.


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