Posted by: the queen | September 4, 2009


sos, I go for soci tutorial today. my goodness. hahahaha.

oh, and i totally slept through gana’s class. I think he saw. but I think I don’t care.

the TA is not as hot as he looks from far. But he’s okay2. typical north indian maybe slightly above average.

but he’s moderately funny altho’ I kind of tuned out a lot.

Oh, the mandatory introduction. He wuz like some idiot in his previous class was like “OI YOU STUPID OR WHAT NO INTRO IS IT” so he went, k, tell your name and what you like about singapore and what you don’t like. then we groaned. then he’s like, wat boring ah. ok, then..criticize Marxist theory.


That’s damn funny!

So we settled for the first. And it came to mine. Very simple.

“My name is Hafizah. What I like about Singapore…What I don’t like about Singapore…I don’t like Singapore guys.”

*chorus of OOHS and laughter.”

“And what I like…I like the girls.”

You can hear this pause where people are thinking omygodissheserious???? and then uncomfortable laughter. Then he does the why JS and I’m like I wanted to take Japanese and French at the same time so either japanese or european studies. he’s like it’s got nth to do with the japanese boys and i’m like HELLZ NAW

I’m into caucasians now. namely, one german dude named mark. hahahhaah!

anyway, it was ok.


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