Posted by: the queen | September 7, 2009

pogsy gave me senbetsu: 10,000 yen woot! then my mom dug up 7600 yen from last time I went, so I don’t have to change money when I get there. Should be more than enough to takkyuubin, top up my suica and get away from narita.

oh, she gave me suica card also! and other shopping cards – buy donut and some shopping complex. wow she really shop a lot leh. I’m not going to shop that much. I only buy omiyage, cos I’m not much of a clothes buyer in Japan cos they are too frilly in dept stores and I don’t like. and I scared to go into boutique type stores.

omgomgomg shit I’m going in like hmm 3 weeks!

paperwork finally seeing the last of me, but I slitl have some last minute things to settle with JF and LOA, which I’ll settle on wednesday cos tmr I wanna bake stuff with my cousins who are coming!!!

Life rawks. (although I wasn’t thinking so this time last week. I think I was quite suicidal, actually)

thanks to pogsy giving me the senbetsu, i was able to make her accept her hari raya money (i.e. translation money) so we’re quits. I threatened her, if she gives it back ot me, I won’t take her senbetsu, so she shut up.

See, that is how people should receive senbetsu, ehh? 😀 next time don’t return!

Once the LOA and other paperwork is settled, I need to get back to serious academic work and crank up the mode so that I won’t go there and make a fool out of myself. spking of which I think i ran into dr gana but I kinda wasn’tr really looking so i kinda smiled at the door. if you can call it a smile; i call it a grimace. i think he smiled at me tho’. see he knows me. shit!

if i saw the TA would I smile?

I didn’t go home with chong and fazli cos i didn’t bring my phone. nyaha! but I had to rush and normally they go home at 4 plus so that’s ok. I had to speedpost lyzie’s stuff to her. woot. I hope it gets there safely. which was why I used speedpost – it’s a lot easier to track if anything goes wrong. that’s a veyr important card over thar.

sat next to japanese dude again in class. must be fate. *snort* and no, I don’t like him, for anyone who has ideas. I’ve seriously gone out on the asian dudes and I really want to marry jonathan togo. he’s so cute. *sigh* cos silly pogs didn’t think I would turn up so she saved a seat for her loverboy instead of me the great kuso. pui.

need to write a list of people that i owe omiyage also. oh, and sundays are free once more but i’ve only the one sunday left to be free, so I’m gonna have to do SERIOUS CLEANING then.

gawd. my room, oh god. it looks like the junk it was, worse even.



  1. When and what time is your flight??? I know it’s end of September. Forgot the date. 😛

  2. 25th sep 12 midnight

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