Posted by: the queen | September 11, 2009

my sad morning

got up at 8.30, so I planned to take a cab (as usual.)

got out of the house at 9.25. no cash. no NETS cab came before the bus came. Got on the bus, thinking I”ll choose a NETS cab at a taxi stand.

Taxi stand. No NETS cab. after maybe a minute of waiting I went to withdraw money.

In that space of time, when I came back, there were a billion people at the stand.

Called a cab. None free.

Nearing 10 am, I’m like…even if I took a cab, I’d be dead late. And I’d rather go home and do my IRB which is more pressing at the moment, because I’d sleep in Gana’s class anyway and I don’t want to be late for Gana’s class, emphatically. I’d rather not be there.

So I went home. And now I’m home.


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