Posted by: the queen | September 18, 2009


I really haven’t been blogging since twitter, eh? it’s so fun! it made me get a broadband on mobile plan, twitter did, cos I’m constantly on it. but speaking of which – new phone yes.

I wanted to get a new phone because I was afraid that my old, 2.5 year-old phone would bank out on me and where would I be, because foreigners can’t buy phones in Japan (fairly idiotic. how to improve economy liddat? change it hatoyama!)

So I decided I was kind of afraid that touch screens would screw up, so I decided on the samsung f400.

What i planned as well, was that since I have 2 phones, I’ll keep my sg sim card in one, and a japanese sim card ( need a local no. to make domestic calls as i’ll be calling domestic, a lot. the sg no. i use for calls here. I can reverse charges so it’s like, less ex.) so that it means that every time i put my japanese sim card in doesn’t mean my mother can’t call me.

I also wanted email capabilities.

And hten I decided that I’d like to add a broadband plan because i use twitter on mobile.

So when i told my parents, esp. the last part, my dad said i must sponsor half. i told him i can just sponsor in full. he said you can only get a new phone if have a new line (tho’ i rem otherwise) so we traipsed down to ask later. the big debate was that we would lose his 4 dollar rebate thing.

turns out i can get a new phone, i can recontract. so dad had to come down.

then found this new plan, 36 flexi lite. but had to make new line to get free caller id, so decided to do so.

turns out that when my dad took on the 4 dollar rebate thing, it means that my contract end date was extended to dec 2010. can you believe it?!!? so I can’t cancel my line (iwas kinda happy. i wanted my number.) but i can still recontract. so we just got back the same plan plus mobile broadband.

oh, and, the phone was out of stock. so i was canoodled into paying 98 bucks for touchscreen phone. (samsung preston) my dad gave methe money back but i gave it to my mom. so far not too bad – i didn’t want the preston cos it was touchscren and call quality bad (forgot that till after i paid, but i knew there was a reason why i dind’t want it) but I did need a second phone. so w/e.

anyhoos the call quality IS bad. good thing tho’. cos i don’t call that much and it blocks out some bits of calls that i don’t wnat (like someone trying to get me to do a marketing job). i only call my mom. if i need good call quality i’ll use my other phone. I’ll see how it is in japan.

but when i called my mom, i could hear her ok. a bit dull, the sound, but…i don’t see what hte big diff is really.

so yeah. touchscreen is pretty fun to play with, and surfing the net is really much more easier too, cos you can just use your finger.annoying tho’ because you always accidentally press the wrong stuff so only a baby would have no trouble.


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