Posted by: the queen | September 18, 2009

the thingsi do for my children

I’m like…looking for specimen money to print. now that my sister won’t be giving them money anymore (because apparently I can’t be given money) the kids will be disappointed, so I’m making fake money to put into envelopes. if they don’t get anything they’ll be miserable.

i have that to do, and i still haven’t gotten around to making their hari raya clothes for them. gah! room is stlil a mess, since I fell asleep this morning and woke up at 230.

on that note, i would really like tom felton to know that to get water out in your ear, fill your ear with more water. the water will “combine” so when you tilt it out everything goes (including the previously stuck water.)

but alas, there’s no way of telling him, and he’s going to waste time and money going to the doctor just because there is water in his ear.


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