Posted by: the queen | September 19, 2009


finished wiping out glass fronted cabinets and filled them with stuff.

threw out everything on the dastardly top cabinets that i have previously not touched. wiped them. filled them with some stuff.

all story books are neatly arranged on wiped top shelf of desk.

so tomorrow my mission is to try and complete the desk. haha.make it look nice in time for monday….but ah heck it. i have never had my room ready for raya…maybe i had, but in those years that i had, i did a lot of superficial cleaning i.e. those cabinets with junk so horrible i dare not delve into, i left them alone or stuffed them with more junk.

the only times i opened these cans/cabinets of worms was when i went to japan. i.e. then (cleaned out all sch stuff, which took a month and basically after that i had no more strength nor time to open any more cans) and, now. which is a lot easier. i just ..throw and throw and throw. my dad was like, omg. so much rubbish! i’m like yeh. (don’t look at them. centuries of old bags, the like.)

sick and tired. I’ve actually devised a very shortcut face ritual for days when i’m feeling horrible – just tea tree oil all over the face. at least it kills the bacteria. not bad too.

i’m gonna just finish with doing hte days’ accounts, maybe do a bit of budget planning, and then maybe curl up with my Ootp or some other book.


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