Posted by: the queen | September 19, 2009

moar close shavees

i’m typing with a plastic glove over my right hand so excuse al the typos. that i’m too lazy to correct.

went out to hunt for green packets….DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND THOSE???? then finally, guess where i found them? at the mama shop (well, apek shop) at the mrt…i nearly gave up. I went to popular, cold storage, dunoe where else to go…was hoping metro would give me some but no..

anyhoos, i bought my mom a bday gift. actually i only wanted half of it for her, but it came in a set. i wanted to get her a pattern i knew she would like, so i got her the carlo rino flower pattern that she once said was pretty. it’s a long wallet and small purse set. i only wanted the small purse for her (for her to keep her tupperware money, she says) but since it wasn’t sold separately, i settled for both for 85.50. not bad considering that the wallet by itself cost 120.

i hope she likes it.

then i went to look for my wood wipes. guess what? no more. so i had to buy the liquid type and use my own cloth.

then finally i somehow thought of maybe the apek sell (i saw the ketupats hanging on his ceiling and it occurred to me) so I went. i first only saw like small white envelopes. thought i’d buy those..then i saw at the counter have!!! i was so happy!!! then he saw me approach and he was oh yeah i know what you want…here take your pick, you last minute shopper…how many you wnat? 50,100? i’m like no lah!!! i only got 16 cousins and nephews together. i bought 20 – i have 4 more which i will use fo rmy babies. no my bbaies will get the new ones, other people can get the old ones, ppl that i don’t give a shit about. hahahaha!

so that ends my last minute hari raya shopping and i am now going back to cleaning my room. my dad mopped my floor for me so that’s a relief, althoguh when i clean my cipboards it means there will be dust al over so i will probably remop with the sanitizer.


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