Posted by: the queen | December 14, 2009

i get annoyed when everyone makes such a big damn deal of my work. no, it’s nothing to be so proud of. no need to go all masya’Allah on me. It’s stupid. it doesn’t actually require brains or intellect. I”m sorry but I’ve never had much respect for the so called soft sciences, being someone who studies it herself. I’m more impressed by Maryam, for example, who is doing her Ph. D in architecture in Japan, and entirely in Japanese some more. now THAT requires real brains and studying. Or some of my other remarkable interviewees. I feel ridiculous compared to them. so stop. saying. that. my research is interesting/useful/worthwhile blablabla. it is not and we all know it. don’t kid yourselves, don’t kid me, and stop annoying me. let this sink in please: I’M NOT PROUD TO BE DOING SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T TAKE BRAINS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

stop asking what i do for a living. what does it concern you? stop asking what my field is. I couldn’t give a shit and you would do well to stay out of my business. stop asking what my research is on. it’s a pile of bullshit and if it weren’t i would be gushing all about it but since I’m not you should do well to STOP. ASKING. take a hint, people.

I think next time I”m just gonna lie through my teeth and say I’m doing my master’s in herbology or something. maybe transfiguration. or i’m writing a thesis to prove that Twilight is full of shit. eih, it wouldn’t be much worse than what I’m actually writing about.

right now i’m done ranting, back to processing the pile of shit.

and also pls don’t talk to me about my work. pls don’t unless i authorize you, unless you want me to strangle you to death or cull your eyes out with a dull scythe. authorized people know who you are. if you’re wondering if you’re authorized, that means you’re NOT. ok. I hate speaking about my work and you all know it, so don’t make me any more unpleasant than i absolutely have to be.

oh, I”m pretty sure i’ll make a smacking cheerful labourer at the rate I’m going.


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