Posted by: the queen | December 19, 2009

full of vulgarities. not for the offended

1. Is it so much to ask for you to figure out that I am back? Look, it’s not like i’m pulling one over you. I applied for that much leave and I came back to do my invigilation. And I don’t even get my fucking stipend. What the fuck is wrong with you? do you think that I give a fuck about getting a MA degree? At this fucking institution? It’s like the entire place is full of fucking idiots.

2. And what the fuck? how the fuck am I supposed to apply for a language module if I don’t even fucking konw the schedule, much less mY OWN schedule? this is just really fucked. you guys are fucked. I know why hislop wants to get the fuck out, but I’m beginning to think that everyone in NUS has got to be fucked to stay on.

or just desperate for a livelihood. It’s only a measly step above scrabbling for food in the fucking sewer.

I am not and never have been proud to be with NUS. I should have made that fucking clear when that telemarketeer surveyor called me. But i was in a good mood and I was nice. NICE! I WAS ACTUALLY FUCKING NICE. HAHAHAHAHA. oh the irony it kills me.

and if this cannot be fixed by Monday, I just fucking am going to say you can fuck off. I am getting the fuck out of here.

–> edited and moved from eljay. I have stopped blogging here so much i actually forgot I had a blog here for that purpose!

after all eljay is my censored blog. this is the notholdingback blog.

why am I so mad and so full of hate towards NUS? I can understand that the world is full of shit and people will give you shit. But what sucks the most about NUS is that they have been giving me shit for years. And they’re not even sorry about it. Plus, they pretend that they’re not full of shit. which is bullshit! you can give me as much as shit and I’ll take it just so you admit it. Stop flaunting your stupid ranking because you don’t deserve it. It’s such an embarrassment and humiliation, you know that????

This is why they are fool of shit.

1. They don’t allow you in based on merit. That is, they have a preset quota. If the reason why we have so many fucking PRCs is because they are smart, FINE. but if you’re paying them to come here purposely, and then they take our jobs because you have some crazy quota to fill, you can just tell what kind of a fucked up university it is. one day someone’s gonna have 4 fucking As and he/she’ll never be able to get in. but then again, if he/she has 4 fucking As, he/she’ll be smarter than me, and just not enroll.

Malaysia, buck up so we have more fucking options.

2. the whole RO fandango. They have the gull to change the handbook at their will. And then you rudely find out. They can bother to email you ONE YEAR LATER after the change to tell you that you’ve been fucked by the system. In an oh so “oh-i-hope-you-realised-that-this-mod-cannot-be-used-as-what-what-what.” fucking tone. And so you say sure, you know, but you could be so nice as to tell us directly in an email, fucker. and then you go “omgz I’m so sorry.” And then later, you change BACK the system to its original, thereby ruining the lives of 2094809 people,once again without no direct email, but in a tiny paragraph in a circular that’s 45879 pages long. And you expect us to fucking read it. i asked for a fucking email, like the one you sent a year after you made the fucking change. one that I didn’t have to comb through 54890 pages of shit to find. don’t try to save your ass. you fucking well know that the reason you didn’t email us was because you knew there’d be hell to pay.

only that the majority of us are so dumbfucked that we can’t be fucked to pay hell.

So for that you fucker, you can expect me never to forgive you. do you know how miserable my life was???? not to mention other people?!?!?

fucking idiots.

3. they say they’re so good. top 30 and whatnot. Bullshit, as Eddie Murphy will say with much gusto. the only reason why they’re good is because someone up there paid or screwed their way onto the list, or that list is fucked. Any decent list will not have us there.

OH HOLD ON. I forgot. There IS only one valid reason why we’re there. We paid a bunch of foreigners a ludicrous amount of money to teach here, because apparently they wouldn’t be fucked to teach there otherwise. And we’ve all heard just about 2840928 times how the local profs are paid lower than their foreign profs. hello~1 million dollar guy from LSE.

I encourage all the profs to MOVE TO NTU man. IDK if it’s any better but anywhere’s gotta better than this ridiculous farce of a university who’s so caught up in its own fucking pretentious shit.

I’ve read the requirements to get on those rankings and we failed basically in every other aspect, such as extent of being quoted in academic books/journals. HAH. nobody from NUS was notable enough to be quoted in notable academic writing. So even on an academic level (which is pretty much bullshit but if you ask me makes the most sense for the ranking) NUS basically SUCKED.

So it REALLY ANNOYS ME when everyone’s like ZOMGZOMGZOMG YOU’RE FROM NUS ZOMG. i’m like zomg WHAT? it is a uni full of bullshit. PLEASE don’t buy into that bullshit people. PLEASE. the only reason you think we’re good is because someone wanked the media. IF YOU BUY IT – well the look on my face is enough. And I won’t stop until I rectify your understanding about how bullshit the place is.

hence this entry.

people deserve to know, man! they deserve to know!


4. Contracts that you make with them? they have the fucking right to change it at will. now in any other country (like the You-Ass) that would just be fucking unacceptable and against the law. They would be protected by some kind of rights. But no. All we’re protected is by our own smart ways to keep our fucking mouth shut.

So that means that 1. they are able to change the amounts they pay you. You’ll never know that they’re gonna deduct the amount they said they’re gonna pay you – until after you’re almost good and done to signed the contract. after you’ve gone through allt he fucking bullshit of applications. that is what you fucking get, for being such a stupid fuck to have actually applied in the first place.

2. they are able to change basically anything else. and you can’t say anythign about it. all you can say is you’ve been fucked by nus and all you got was this lousy tshirt.

and we don’t even get a fucking tshirt.

that is the ways in which i have been fucked by the system. I know that other people have been fucked by NUS in other ways that I’ve no idea of because I haven’t yet reached that level in which I am forced to be shat upon in greater extents.

oh yeah there’s wait one more.

5. they’ll actually raise fees in an economic crisis. Will you believe it? and then NUSSU has to go to the incredible great show of asking them not to. maybe it’s a getup to have NUSSU look good. but in the first place, what kind of a fucked getup is it???? it’s not even funny!!! some people actually don’t have money!!!!

that’s something they’ll never fucking get.

So yes. I can be patient, I can forgive anything else that gives me bullshit. But NUS? we have had a long history, fucker. and you can expect me not to to forgive you and your fucking system, and you can expect me to tell every single person I meet about how fucked you up because you don’t deserve the ridiculous amount of prestige you somehow managed to scrabble up.

deep down could be a desire to not wanna do MA. but you know what? no that’s not true. I would like to do an MA. except that I DO NOT WANT TO DO AN MA SPECIFICALLY WITH THIS FUCKUP OF A UNIVERSITY. hell ANY OTHER PLACE would have been good. any other fucking place. it’s needing to put up with the fact that I am on the payroll of one of the most fuckedup institutions of hte entire world that fucks me up so much. that is why I have probably been driven to the edges of insanity.

yeah. now that we have that settled. It won’t take much for me to throw in the towel fucker. except that I could stay int eh system just to find out how much of a fuckup you are, and then narrate the list to any misled soul. but you’re not even worth that.

nothing is worth staying with this fucked up institution except the fact that

1. no job took me in

2. my teachers (the poor souls)

and they’re there because they’ve no place to go (like me.)

as my advisor says when you’ve got to feed someone you’ll do anything, even stay at such a fuckup of a place. well yeah. he’s almost at quitting point and so am I. but really seriously. I’m mercenary and the only reason why I’m here is because you’re giving me financial compensation. You’re buying my allegiance.

so when you fuck around with that, that’s it. If i’m not getting my fucking money i might as well be elsewhere, fuckers. I figure “they’ve fucked my stipend up” is a prettty damn good reason to quit because I need to eat. just like TH says what do you eat otherwise, grass???

yeah. i can take any kind of other bullshit – i’ll just keep it in my memory bank and just tell the whole world about it – but you do not fuck with my stipend. if you do, you can expect me not to stay.

oh yeah reason no. 7. or what i can’t rem: they are so fucking stuckup that when they’re the ones who make the fucking mistakes, apparently they are fucking rude about it.

now i don’t mean to generalise. there are some (few) good people probably abound. if there are i havne’t met the majority of them. but a few rotten eggs is enough to make the entire system fucked. i’m not against any one individual (mostly. they might have been stuck in that system) but i am against those individuals who have caused all the fuckups in the system. I’ll never stop berating you – that was the promise i made (directly to you) and I”ll keep it. i’m a woman of my words. you really dont deserve the kind of WAA that people seem to have. it’s too bad. i won’t have anyone thinking wrongly that you are an institution worth existing.


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