Posted by: the queen | January 1, 2010

this is the Absolute Last Time

Normally I would not let myself make this post. But seriously? I feel a need to defend myself. If I don’t get it out of my system I will forever be plagued.

Some days ago I wrote a post. A very witty post I thought. About Sezairi winning Idol. Now I don’t have anything against it – other than the fact that he’s ugly, can’t sing, and that I don’t really give a damn who wins.

Here’s my award-winning piece on that issue.

well, yes. I don’t give a —- about it. but my curiosity killed me.

cos my friend today, she sent me an sms telling her that she was back from wherever she’d been, cos I told her that I’d lost my number and could she msg me when she got back so we could go out.

I asked her when she was free, and her reply?


Now thinking about it it could be some kind of virus. But well, at that moment, I simply gagged and told her that I do not do this kind of thing. Hello??? If you’re still watching Singapore Idol or any kind of idol, you need a life. And you know you really do, because I’m saying it, and we all know that I of all people, have nothing resembling a life.

Get 2 lives while you’re add it. For the purging process.

So because of this kind reminder to vote for yet another Malay humbalangbee, it piqued my interest this fine night (when I could be curled up reading Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. Yes, I own that!!!) to look at whether, finally, a woman was man enough to win.

Apparently not.

My sis told me this a few days ago, when Singapore’s pathetic TV channels were booming the ads for Idol – “The guy cannot win. If he win, surely racial riot!!!!”

I was like hello?? Chinese people got better things to do than CARE about Singapore Idol, ok? They are there beating our asses in everything, like Maths exams!!!

Then she was like, do you know why Taufik and Hady won? Because “who else so free and so stupid to vote?”

Then it hit me. MALAY GIRLS. Jobless and/or married to some useless mamat, with nothing better to do than fangirl over every single Malay —- (I censor this because I will probably get beaten up in the streets otherwise. I may have done silat for awhile, but I don’t think I stand a chance against a gang of fangirls. or fanboys. whoever.) that makes it onstage.

So this outcome kind of was the sign. If again, the Malay mamat, although he completely cannot sing (I’ve heard him ok) and looks so ugly that my friend actually told me he looked like ME which has to be some kind of indication, wins, nothing has changed.

Malay girls still got nothing better to do and they are the only ones who are going on and on about Idol, which was so, like, the Middle Ages.

And I got proof!! Right in my mobile inbox!!!

Oh, the shame.

Is there a If-there-is-one-more-season-of-idol-we-will-do-a-street-protest group on FB? Cos I’m with ya!

–that’s it.

I had no, I repeat no, idea that across the island, Malay females in university were similarly ranting. Probably to defend themselves from being lumped in that same category who would actually waste money on this pointless activity.

And I thought that was that, you know? I mean, the next day, what happened was my friend told me of her observations that the only people who were responding so furiously or negatively or whateverly were all Malay girls. I told her, well what do you expect? Chinese people have better things to do (as I underlined in my FB piece). Why would they be wasting their lives even thinking about a competition that does nothing but take up precious airwaves and sucks SMS money?

So are you saying Malay girls have no lives?

Yes, is my answer. If you have a life, you would not be giving half a shit about this. I’ve already told you I have no life and I admit to it.

I summed it up (we all agreed on it) by this sentence: real talent doesn’t need votes.

And of course! I have a friend who used to do gigs in pubs. Of course she’s not going to go enter Idol! What, and kill her reputation and social life and respect by those in her trade forever? Not to mention she would lose self respect for herself, and us for her!

Then this whole media hooha about Sezairi winningblablabla. Let me just point out some flaws in those articles.

1. Equal no.s of Malay and chinese turning up.

Turning up doesn’t actually need money like voting does. You think Chinese people will be stupid enough to vote 5 times for him? Yes, they might be stupid enough to go waste one evening of their life. (probably to support some talent. oh wait, doesn’t exist.) But not to waste money on an ugly guy with a big nose, fat lips, and cannot sing!

It is NOT about turnout, TNP. It is ultimately about voting. And let’s face it – the only people who will actually waste their $$$ (and even $$ they don’t have) is the other race. (the one who’s failing the maths exams.)

(see!! even fail maths exams, as if you need any more concrete proof!)

And let’s not kid ourselves. From the beginning, there was no talent. (yeah ok, tabitha was fine. As evidenced by the rage her now crazy and violent fans are experiencing.) Because like i said, any self respecting artiste who wants to make it big will not be stupid enough to kill their career by joining idol.

Mistake no. 2: Taufik and Hady have gone far? Gone far where?? taufik probably hasn’t been selling any albums, minus the ones some diehards bought for him. Hady released one…and it didn’t even make the billboard fronts the way Taufik’s at least did once.

I’ve seen noseboogers go further!


And what was the most disappointing of all? Remember Friend who could not be bothered to reply me back with an answer to my question, but instead asked me to vote for a bignosed biglipped ugly git who looks just like me?

She actually got so angry /touched/outraged/whatever by people screaming foul that she took it upon herself to write letters out to TNP/ST/lianhe zaobao/tamil murasu- oh wait, those newspapers DON’T CARE.

I am so ashamed to have her as a friend, I’m never contacting her ever again.

Well, fine. You do what you want, we do what we want, we should respect each other even with difference in opinions.

But what I am so annoyed with is this happiness that oh, at least malayu are doing good at something.


It makes me really pissed to see orang Islam eating out of their hands like this. Nonsense! Kita patut galakkan benda lain! Bukan galakkan all this nonsense nyanyi2…for what??? adakah ia akan membawa kebaikan kepada masyarakat? come on lah, he not even making enough money to give charity. and even if he pasang konsert, saper nak pegi!

tu pun duit takda berkat! duit keluar dari maksiat.

nonsense! you go and support masyarakat islam, orang islam berpeluk2an dengan yang bukan muhrim onstage…very appalling.

aku tak tau ape lagi nak cakap.


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